PLxPLs Lua OOP is a Java-like Lua Object Oriented Programming (OOP) implementation. Its purpose is to give the power of the Object-Oriented Programming to Lua and at the same time to keep itself as simple as possible, because of this, not all the Object-Oriented Programming features is supported by PLxPLs Lua OOP. Unlike the other Lua OOP implementation, PLxPLs Lua OOP enables multple inheritance through interface, which is from the concept of Java. The implemented features of PLxPLs Lua OOP are listed below:

OOP features

To see the list of OOP feature, you could find some useful information here

  • Objects and Classes: supported
  • Encapsulation: not supported
  • Inheritance: multiple inheritance through interface
  • Virtual method: supported
  • Constructor/Destructor: supported
  • Abstract Methods and Classes: supported
  • Interfaces: supported
  • Method Overloading: not supported, but could be easily implemented
  • Operator Overloading: not supported, but could be easily implemented
  • Properties Exceptions: not supported

The latest PLxPLs Lua OOP is version 1.1, which supports Lua 5.14.

Get more information about Lua.

Read the documentation of PLxPLs Lua OOP here.

Click here to download PLxPLs Lua OOP.

Github: https://github.com/bhou/Bo-LuaOOP


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